The Power Jack is the world's most powerful tool of it's kind.

The Principle behind the Power Jack technology is incredibly simple, and has got many applications.

The Power Jack can be made in all shapes and sizes depending on requirement.

The Power Jack principle is patented internationally.

The Power Jack was originally developed to remove concrete on sub-sea pipelines. It has later been adopted for several applications, like dividing of large stone blocks and cracking of valves-trees and flanges.

From the same principle other products like membrane plugs and pipe connection (PD Connector) have been developed.

The advantage with the Power Jack is the size; there is no other tool with the same physical size, which has the equivalent power.


Power Jack with weight: 300 gram. Achieved effect: 115 ton.
Power Jack with weight: 5 kg. Achieved effect: 1400 ton.

There exist many untried applications for this product. If you have a problem we may have the solution.

We are looking for dealers for this product worldwide.

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